Community ID Cards

Dear Neighbor:

YES, this card recognizes you as a Mercer County Area resident. We thank you for obtaining the Community ID Card and we hope it will be useful to you when you have to prove your identification and place of residence, or in case of emergency.

However, we request that you let us know if you encounter any difficulties on the part of an organization, business or law enforcement agent that rejects its validity. In that event, please call us to report the problem at 609-688-0881. Leave us a callback number. We will contact the organization and report back to you when we have resolved the issue.

To whom and where can you present the Mercer County Area Community ID Card?

  • Police officers from various municipalities (see list to the right)
  • Mercer County Sheriff officers
  • Municipal offices and courts
  • Emergency personnel (fire, ambulance, hospital ER)
  • Most clinics or doctor's offices
  • Municipal and County Parks and swimming pools
  • Public libraries
  • Public schools
  • Private Social Services and Charitable organizations
  • Banks, pharmacies and stores

We need your help in obtaining the widespread use and acceptance of the card. Use it as often as you can. We are also working to extend this card to other municipalities in the area. The card is accepted by police department officers in five municipalities: City of Trenton, Ewing, Plainsboro, Princeton and West Windsor.

The use of this card outside the Mercer County Area is not necessarily discouraged, but the card may not be honored. The card may not be accepted by agencies of the State of New Jersey or the federal Government. However, under no circumstances should it be confiscated. In the event it were, please take note of the location, name of the law enforcement agency and person who took the card and report it as soon as possible to 609-688-0881.