ICE Officers Stopped His Car. Then he stopped them from arresting anyone inside.

"...MacCormack says he was driving two undocumented immigrants who'd just had a court hearing in Hudson, New York, when the officers stopped his car. They showed him a document through the driver's window.The ICE officers called it a warrant. MacCormack told the officers something was missing: a judge's signature...

ICE warrants aren't the same as warrants other law enforcement agencies get judges to approve in court. They aren't reviewed by an independent body, advocates argue, and they don't give agents authority to conduct searches inside homes or vehicles without consent. MacCormack says the officers eventually left without making any arrests after an attorney, local elected officials and other supporters gathered at the scene."At the end of the day, they had to leave because they had no authority to do anything," he told CNN.""

Read the CNN article here.

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