Know Your Rights and Protect Your Family

Regardless of your legal status, you have rights.

In June of 2019, the President announced there will be ICE raids in communities across the United States to begin deporting the millions of people without status in the country. Although the raids have not started, it is important to start educating yourself about your rights and what to do if ICE reaches your city, your job, or your home.


  1. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR. ICE cannot enter your home without a search warrant.
  2. ASK TO SEE THE WARRANT UNDER THE DOOR. If the agents say they have a warrant, ask them to pass the warrant to you under the door. Do not open the door.
  3. REVIEW THE WARRANT. Confirm the name and address on the warrant to make sure it is a valid warrant with your name or someone who lives at your address. Also check that the warrant is signed by a judge. An ICE warrant is not the same as a judicial warrant. During home raids, the agents often say they have a judicial warrant when all they have is an ICE warrant.
  4. DOCUMENT WHAT HAPPENED. Ask for the ICE agents' names and badge numbers. Write down and take pictures of everything that happened during the raid.


  1. DO NOT ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS FROM THE AGENT if they try to talk to you. You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to speak to a lawyer.
  2. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR if an immigration agent is at your door. If the agent says they have a warrant, ask them to pass the warrant under the door to verify that it is signed by a judge.
  3. ASK: "Am I free to go?" and STAY SILENT. ICE cannot detain you to question you without a reason. Before giving ICE your name or any information, ask if you are free to go. If they say "yes", leave the location. If they say "no", tell them you don't want to answer any questions and you need to speak to a lawyer.
  4. DO NOT AUTHORIZE A SEARCH. If ICE attempts to search you or your property, say "I do not consent to this search".
  5. DO NOT RUN. If you run, this could help ICE develop a legal reason to stop you.

For some informative videos, click HERE!

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