LALDEF FUTURO Mentoring Program Receives $75,000 Grant for Women, Girls

The Princeton Area Community Foundation’s (PACF) Fund for Women and Girls will provide the Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund (LALDEF) with $75,000 to sustain and expand its FUTURO Mentoring Program over the next three years.

“With the help of the Princeton Area Community Foundation, the women and girls of our FUTURO program will receive the empowerment necessary to graduate high school, matriculate into a four-year institution, and become leaders in society,” said LALDEF Executive Director Adriana Abizadeh.

In a week full of news about unfair advantages for wealthy college applicants and the multifarious means used by some rich parents to buy access to colleges and universities, last week’s announcement from LALDEF was welcomed by FUTURO Program Manager Tulia Jiminez-Vergara. “What we do is important because many of our young people are immigrants or children of immigrants, many of whom have never attended college,” she said.

FUTURO mentors high school juniors and seniors, and follows them through college. College application guidance, SAT preparation, tutoring, community service opportunities, and financial literacy workshops provided by FUTURO all help the students to be better equipped to enter higher education. Read more HERE.

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