LALDEF’s Third Annual Stakeholder’s Meeting

Learn more about how LALDEF is spreading the fertile soil for newcomers to put down roots; mentoring students in transition to college through our FUTURO program; offering citizenship classes for green card holders; supplying ID cards for people to interact with schools, banks, clinics, and stores; and providing tax preparation assistance, ESL training, and intake and referrals to legal advocates of proven integrity.

You will hear from the following featured speakers:

Denise Brennan (Scholar at the Institute for Advanced Studies)
Aleksandra Gontaryuk (LALDEF’s Supervising Attorney);
Ryan Lilienthal (immigration lawyer and member of LALDEF’s Advisory Council);
Susan Roy (former immigration judge and LALDEF Board member); and
Young men and women, some affiliated with our FUTURO program, serve as voices of hope and resilience that will testify what it’s like to be under DACA protection; DREAMERs striving to get an education and defending futures at danger of erasure.

LALDEF is now four times the size it was only two years ago and serves 3,000 individuals each year. Your participation in our Third Annual Stakeholders Meeting will strengthen us.

Drinks and appetizers will be served. Please RSVP to Thelma Carrera at

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