Nuestro Equipo


Con fecha de Marzo, 2018


Patricia Fernández-Kelly, Chair
Professor of Sociology and Director of the Center for Migration & Development, Princeton University
Term Expiration: 2019

Reverend Karen Hernández-Granzen, Vice Chair
Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church of Trenton
Term Expiration: 2018

Anastasia R. Mann, Secretary
Lecturer in the Humanities Council, Princeton University
Term Expiration: 2020

John Heilner, Treasurer
Chair, Immigration Committee of the Princeton Human Services Commission
Term Expiration: 2018

Adriana Abizadeh, Executive Director
Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund


Rev. Francisco Pelaez-Diaz
PhD Candidate, Princeton Theological Seminary
Term Expiration: 2019

Marino Posso
Owner, Advertise It!
Term Expiration: 2019

Elizabeth “Leigh” Gibson
Dir. of Network Advancement and Leadership, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Term Expiration: 2020

David Anderson
Owner, DMA Infotech
Term Expiration: 2020

Larry A. Spruill
Founder, Committed and Faithful Princetonians
Coordinator, Housing and Real Estate Services, Princeton University
Term Expiration: 2020

Dr. Jane Rohlf
Founder, Premier Research
Term Expiration: 2021

Susan Roy, Esq.
Immigration Attorney, Law Office of Susan G. Roy, LLC
Term Expiration: 2021

David Long 
Research and Program Evaluation Consultant
Term Expiration: 2021

Jaylin Lugardo
Student, Princeton University
Term Expiration: 2021


Adriana Abizadeh
Executive Director

Shelby Guzman
Welcome House Office Manager

Liza Abdul-Badee
Online Content and ID Card Coordinator

Edianys Lima-Enriquez
Legal Services Coordinator

Thelma Carrera
Legal Services Assistant

Laura Mora
Client Advocate and Community ID Card Coordinator (Trenton)

Tulia Jimenez-Vergara
FUTURO Program Manager

Kemilola Leanna Jahnke
Language Education Coordinator

Leandra Ovalle
Welcome House Caretaker

Aleksandra Gontaryuk, Esq.
Supervising Attorney


Silvia Archilla, IRS-certified Tax Preparer
Joselyn Burchett, ESL Instructor
Maura (Paty) Barrios, Comunity ID Card screener
Margaret Beane-Fox, Community ID Card Preparer
Richard Durham, IRS-certified Tax Preparer
Ellen Heath, ESL Instructor
David Anderson, ESL Instructor and System Architect
Ana Gallos, ESL Tutor
Frances Slade, ESL Instructor
Pam Wakefield, ESL Instructor
Tania de la Cruz, ESL Instructor
Maria Luisa Lee, ESL Instructor
Isabelle Selikoff, ESL Instructor
Celia Lidz, ESL Instructor
Kira Popescu, ESL Instructor
Fatima Mughal, ESL Instructor
Jeanette Berman, ESL Instructor
Alejandra del Angel, ESL Instructor
Lea See, Immigration Legal Services Volunteer
Fernando Erazo, Community ID Card Preparer
Paul Onubogu, Community ID Card Preparer
Theodore Van Itallie, Legal Services Volunteer
Joe McManus, IRS-certified Tax Preparer
Jeremy Perlman, ESL Instructor
Matthew Putnins, FUTURO Math Tutor
Bradford Schreffler, Community ID Card preparer
Jennifer Skula, ESL Tutor
Bill Wakefield, ESL Tutor, and ID Card preparer
Cindy Weiss, IRS-certified Tax Preparer, and ESL Instructor
Rose Marie Young, ESL Tutor