Our Team


As of February, 2020


Patricia Fernández-Kelly, Chair
Professor of Sociology and Director of the Center for Migration & Development, Princeton University
Term Expiration: 2022

Lorraine Goodman
Development Chair, Princeton Alumni Corps
Term Expiration: 2022

Reverend Karen Hernández-Granzen, Vice Chair
Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church of Trenton
Term Expiration: 2021

Anastasia R. Mann, Secretary
Lecturer in the Humanities Council, Princeton University
Term Expiration: 2020

John Heilner, Treasurer
Chair, Immigration Committee of the Princeton Human Services Commission
Term Expiration: 2021

Dina Paulson-McEwen, Executive Director
Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund


David Anderson
Owner, DMA Infotech
Term Expiration: 2020

Larry A. Spruill
Founder, Committed and Faithful Princetonians
Coordinator, Housing and Real Estate Services, Princeton University
Term Expiration: 2020

Susan Roy, Esq.
Immigration Attorney, Law Office of Susan G. Roy, LLC
Term Expiration: 2021

David Long 
Research and Program Evaluation Consultant
Term Expiration: 2021

Pete Taft
Co-Founder & CEO, Taft Communications
Term Expiration: 2022

Thelma Teresa Carrera
Constituent Services Representative at U.S. House of Representatives
Term Expiration: 2022


Dina Paulson-McEwen
Executive Director

Emily Peterman
Education Programs Coordinator

Aleksandra Gontaryuk
Supervising Attorney

Alexandra Parado
Development and Communications Manager

Caty Dominguez
Office Manager

Laura Mora
Community Organizer

Tulia Jimenez-Vergara
FUTURO Program Manager

Graciela Leal
Programs Assistant

Michelle Allendes
Legal Services Coordinator

Karina Avila
Legal Services Coordinator

Leandra Ovalle
Welcome House Caretaker

Ana Obika
FUTURO Program Coordinator

Liliana Morenilla
FUTURO Program Coordinator

Jessica Hourrutiner
HWMSA Case Manager

Tamara Torres
RCMS Case Manager


Ed Fenwick DOJ Accredited Representative, Legal Services
David Anderson, ESOL Instructor and System Architect
Clara Haignere, ESOL Instructor
Harriet Scooler, ESOL Instructor
Luke Smith, ESOL Instructor
Brett Gill, ESOL Instructor
Bonnie Gilbert, ESOL Instructor
Alexandra Aligarbes, ESOL Instructor
Alantha Carter, ESOL Instructor
Tammi Phillips, ESOL Instructor
Anna Gallos, ESOL Instructor
Kira Popescu, ESOL Instructor
Susan MacDonnell, ESOL Instructor
Alice Yu, ESOL Instructor
Brianna Grausso, ESOL Instructor
Sunita Shamim, ESOL Instructor
Michael Bailey, ESOL Instructor