Our Team


Updated as of July 2021


Pete Taft, Chair
Co-founder and former CEO, Taft Communications
Joined the Board: 2019

Sasa Olessi Montaño, President
Chief Executive Officer at Meals on Wheels of Mercer County
Joined the Board: 2020

Reverend Karen Hernández-Granzen, Vice Chair
Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church
Joined the Board: 2016

Jonathan Lear, Treasurer
Principal at Lear & Pannepacker, LLP
Joined the Board: 2020

David Long, Secretary
Managing Director at Princeton Policy Associates
Joined the Board: 2019


David Anderson
Principal and Consultant at DMA Infotech LLC
Joined the Board: 2018

Jason Scott Camilo, Esq.
Principal and Founder, Law Offices of Jason Scott Camilo, LLC
Joined the Board: 2021

Miguel Centeno
Vice Dean; Musgrave Professor of Sociology; Professor of Sociology and International Affairs, Princeton University
Joined the Board: 2020

Dr. Rachael Evans
Chief Medical Officer, Henry J. Austin Health Center
Joined the Board: 2021

Patricia Fernández-Kelly
Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology, Princeton University
Joined the Board: 2005

Valeria Posso-Gonzalez
Marketing Specialist, Advertise IT, LLC
Joined the Board: 2021

Susan Roy
Attorney at Law Office of Susan G. Roy, LLC
Joined the Board: 2019

Richard Sperry
Research Partnerships and Collaborations, EverythingALS
Joined the Board: 2021

Alberto Vourvoulias
Adjunct Assistant Professor at CUNY's Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism
Joined the Board: 2020


Cecilia Jiménez-Weeast, Executive Director
Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund
Joined the Board: 2021

Lorraine Goodman, Associate Director, Development and Communications
Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund
Joined the Board: 2019


Cecilia Jiménez-Weeast
Executive Director

Lorraine Goodman
Associate Director in charge of Development & Communications

Michelle Allendes
Legal Services Coordinator

Dr. Tara Chalakani
Professional Counselor Consultant

Debby Cheng
FUTURO Program Assistant

Miranda Christ
Development and Communications Associate

Carolina Curbelo, Esq.
Supervising Attorney

Caty Dominguez
Client Advocate & ID Card Manager

Bertha Gordillo
Front Desk Receptionist

Jessica Hourruitiner
Client Advocate & ID Card Associate

Tulia Jimenez-Vergara
FUTURO Program Manager (Part-time)

Graciela Leal
Executive Assistant

Laura Mora
Community Organizer

Ana Obika
FUTURO Program Coordinator (Part-time)

Leandra Ovalle
Welcome House Caretaker

Shelly Peskin
Legal Services Coordinator

Nate Phillips
Education Programs Coordinator (Part-time)



Ed Fenwick DOJ Accredited Representative, Legal Services
Daniela C. Salcedo Arnaiz, ESOL Instructor
Anna Gallos, ESOL Instructor
Alice Yu, ESOL Instructor
Gage Braddock, ESOL Instructor
Christine Piatek, ESOL Instructor
Brianna Grausso, ESOL Instructor
Kristin Talbot, ESOL Instructor
Janice Talbot, ESOL Instructor
Kimberly Jack, ESOL Instructor
Steve Gates, ESOL Instructor
Jeff Konah, ESOL Instructor
Emmet Gallagher, ESOL Instructor
Romi Roman Cabrera, HSE Instructor
Andrea Reyes, HSE Instructor
Susana Plotquin, Legal Services Volunteer
Maura Barrios, ID Card Volunteer