High School Equivalency Preparation

We are happy to offer one of the only Spanish HSE courses in Mercer County. The purpose of this course is to aid students as they build on their foundational Spanish skills necessary to complete high school equivalency exams, such as TASK and HiSET, and to earn their secondary diplomas. The course material utilized for the class is McGraw Hill’s HSE Basics. The five subjects included in the HSE exams are Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Each semester of the HSE Prep course offered at LALDEF covers one to two of these subjects. In other words, a 16 week semester of Math may be followed by a 16 week semester of Reading and Writing. The HSE classes meet twice a week for two hours. Students end each semester having completed 64 hours of instruction.

For more information, email adult.education@laldef.org or call (609) 688-0881.