LALDEF Office Closing


Sunday, March 15, 2020

Dear LALDEF Community—our hard-working staff, our beloved clients, and our dedicated community partners, neighbors, friends, and supporters.

The well-being of everyone in our community—and all of those you interact with and care about—is our top priority. We have decided to close our LALDEF office, 714 – 716 S Clinton Avenue in Trenton, effective immediately, beginning Monday March 16 – Tuesday March 31. LALDEF’s staff will be working remotely during these next two weeks. We will be moving to remote and virtual communication as our primary way of interacting with our clients across our departmen areas during this time. Please check our website for updates on all our programming during these next two weeks.

We want to protect everyone’s health and safety at this time, while COVID-19 is spreading as are incidents of flu and other viruses. We acknowledge, as has been advised by the CDC, that individuals who have underlying illnesses and are older are more at risk for contracting COVID-19 and getting sick. We agree that social distancing is the best way we can support our regional community at this time. Even if you are young and strong, you can easily spread COVID-19 to your older friends and relatives.

The safety of our community is the reason why LALDEF does the work we do. We also recognize that, at this time, very unfortunately, immigrants and immigrants’ health is being disparaged. Let us be clear: immigrants deserve healthcare and access to education, resources, and options to keep themselves and their families safe as does every person born in this country. The health of our overall community is dependent on us being decent, loving, understanding, and protective of one another: treating each person as our neighbor and friend.

LALDEF will reassess towards the end of March when we will be able to open up our office again. We will back in touch with you all, with another update, by then.

We advise you all to please check the following links:

Thank you all so much for all of your support for LALDEF. We appreciate you. We want all of you to be safe, and we will see you again soon, in-person—we cannot wait.

Dina Paulson-McEwen
Executive Director

Patricia Fernandez-Kelly
Board Chair

P.S. Mental health safety is so important at this time. Please also read this piece.

Welcome to LALDEF

Welcome to LALDEF

The Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc. (LALDEF) is a grassroots nonprofit organization formed to defend the civil rights of all immigrants in Mercer County and facilitate their access to health care and education, as well as to advance cross-cultural understanding in the Mercer County area.

Our Mission

Established in 2004, LALDEF promotes the rights of all immigrants, with a focus on the Latin American community in the Mercer County area, facilitates access to health care, education and legal representation; advocates for the integration of immigrants; and fosters inter-cultural communication to strengthen our communities. We seek to prevent human rights violations, educate immigrants about their rights and responsibilities, and foster their integration into the civic fabric of our communities. LALDEF has established itself as the “go-to” organization for reaching out to the Latino community, a community that is indispensable to life in Mercer County.

We operate through our values of support, education, and justice.

LALDEF offers an array of services in-house and also acts as a conduit referring clients to other agencies. In this work and in our advocacy, the overarching goal is to dismantle barriers that stand in the way of a more fair and just society, and to support the incorporation of immigrants in a way that strengthens the social fabric overall.

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There is much misinformation and rhetoric clouding the public understanding of the issues surrounding immigration.

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