Adult Education

At LALDEF, we strive to provide high-quality services to empower individuals and families. We work tirelessly to transform our community by raising the human capital of our immigrant neighbors. Our adult education courses include:

  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
  • ESOL Tutoring
  • High School Equivalency Exam Prep in Spanish (HSE)
  • Citizenship Preparation
  • Digital Literacy Workshops
  • Drivers Education Workshops (Anticipated)
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Our ESOL program is a five-level model. We’ve recently added an Advanced Conversation Course that is available to students that have completed the five levels and want additional assistance with accent reduction, correct pronunciation, and ease of use with the English language. Each level is split into two parts, so completion of a level is very thorough and requires two semesters, totaling twenty-four to twenty-six weeks. The ESOL classes are offered three times a year: Spring, Summer, and Fall. Each semester consists of 13 weeks. Classes are held once a week, with each class running three hours. Each student receives a total of thirty-nine hours of instruction each semester. The semester cost is $45.

Students interested in attending Fall 2020 classes should complete the application at this link -

ESOL Tutoring

Our ESOL tutoring consists of a one-on-one 60-minute session, held ideally directly before or after the ESOL classes. These individualized classes are supplemental to the ESOL class curriculum. Instructors offer personalized goal setting and achievement for their students. The fee for this supplemental tutoring is $50 per semester.

High School Equivalency Exam Prep in Spanish (HSE)

We are happy to offer one of the only Spanish HSE courses in Mercer County. The purpose of this course is to aid students as they build on their foundational Spanish skills necessary to complete high school equivalency exams, such as TASK and HiSET, and to earn their secondary diplomas. The course material utilized for the class is McGraw Hill’s HSE Basics. The five subjects included in the HSE exams are Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Each semester of the HSE Prep course offered at LALDEF covers one to two of these subjects. In other words, a 16 week semester of Math may be followed by a 16 week semester of Reading and Writing. The HSE classes meet twice a week for two hours. Students end each semester having completed 64 hours of instruction. The cost for each semester varies, as some may cover two sections rather than one. Semesters including two subjects and requiring two books costs $125 per semester, and semesters covering only one subject costs $95.

Prospective students can apply for the upcoming HSE Reading and Writing course this fall by completing the application at this link -

Citizenship Preparation

Aside from offering direct legal assistance with the preparation of an application for naturalization, the Adult Education department offers one-on-one training to prepare individuals for citizenship. The Citizenship Prep program matches clients with tutors to prepare them for the N-400 interview questions, as well as to prepare them for the civics focus and the reading and writing test. Trainers and clients schedule four sessions leading up to the interview date. The fee for the four training sessions is $50. Interested clients can apply at this link -

Digital Literacy Workshops

Technology is an important part of today's world. We offer computer classes year-round to assist individuals with the skills they seek to learn. It can be learning how to set up an email address or importing and exporting data from Excel, we let the individual guide their learning based on practical use in their daily lives. We offer these workshops monthly, each for a duration of two hours. Some workshops are taught in English while others are taught in Spanish. The cost of each session is $15. If you are interested in attending a digital literacy workshop, apply at this link -

Drivers Education Workshops

We eagerly anticipate offering a Drivers Education Workshop series in 2020 following the recent legislation change in NJ which allows drivers licenses to be available to all. We expect the drivers education workshops to be a four-part series offered several times throughout the year. While this course would prepare future drivers for the test, the driving and written test would be scheduled by students independently. This course will cover topics such as how to get a driver’s license, driver safety, rules and regulations when driving, defensive driving techniques, and other basic driving skills.

For more information about our adult education programs, email or contact the LALDEF office at (609) 688-0881.